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TRILOGY « Les origines »


Three grape varieties, three founding elements.

Every year, we work on one or several plots even more thoroughly than for our emblematic “cuvées”, with average yields of 17 to 25 hl/ha. Each one of the laying down wines we have thus made highlights one of our main varieties: Carignan, Mourvèdre or Syrah.

The exceptional “cuvées” of this trilogy pay tribute to the beginnings of the history of the estate by linking each variety to one significant figure or element.


Witiza, the founder of Gellone Abbey and reformer of the Benedictines, encouraged a new development of vine growing from the IXth century onwards. Likewise, in the XXIst century, Mourvèdre participates in the renewal of vine growing.

Low-yielding Mourvèdre harmoniously blends with a touch of Syrah to provide this wine with an exceptional length and depth.


Vintage: a rainy winter which filled the underground water tables, followed by a mild spring, a hot month of July and 2 favourable storms in August and September before a sunny and cool weather during the harvest. Balance, freshness, concentration and elegance are gathered for a great vintage!

Eye: a deep purple colour.

Nose: a bouquet subtly blending aromas of “garrigue” (cade, cyste), black olive, pepper, truffle and candied fruit.

Palate: complex and well-structured for a wine at the same time powerful, fresh and four-square with dense and silky tannins. Rusticity and elegance are evenly matched.


Ageing Capacity: already pleasant to drink – ageing potential of ten to fifteen years

Serving Temperature: 18° C / 65° F

Food & Wine Suggestions: this complex and elegant wine will be the ideal accompaniment to a good beef rib or duck breast. Also perfect with meat in sauce and game.