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This site is meant to present the estate, through its history, its terroir and its wines.
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You are warmly welcome to come and taste our Languedoc grands vins :
AOC Terrasses du Larzac, Clairette du Languedoc & Coteaux du Languedoc
and our rare grape varieties !!!

ProWein : Booth 11/F112 - Sud de France Area ( Hall 11, Aisle F, Booth N° 112 )

in Düsseldorf on March 18th, 19th & 20th

New labels, new vintages

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Charles-Walter PACAUD, Artisan-Vigneron
AOC Terrasses du Larzac, Clairette du Languedoc et Coteaux du Languedoc



Für eine Verkostung von meinen AOC Terroir-Weinen (Terrasses du Larzac, Clairette du Languedoc und Coteaux du Languedoc) sowie unseren seltenen Rebsorten sind Sie anlässlich der Prowein herzlich eingeladen!

ProWein : Stand 11 F 112 - Espace Sud de France

Shared with Domaine des Grandes Costes, Wine Estate in Pic Saint Loup.
and with Mas du Novi, Wine Estate in Grès de Montpellier.

geteilt mit Domaine des Grandes Costes, Winzer im Pic Saint Loup.
und mit Mas du Novi, Winzer im in Pic Saint Loup.

Neue Etiketten, Neue weine - New labels, New wines
Seltene Rebsorten und Römische Keramik - Rare grape varietals and Roman ceramics
Zu entdecken bei der Prowein im Sud de France Raum - to discover at Prowein on the Sud de France booth

Ich freue mich im Voraus auf Sie !   Looking forward to seeing you there !
Winzerlische Grüße - Best regards,

Charles-Walter PACAUD, Artisan-Vigneron
AOC Terrasses du Larzac, Clairette du Languedoc et Coteaux du Languedoc


NEW !!! Aramon !!! Rare grape variety

An age-old variety almost forgotten
Nowadays, who still happens to know « Aramon » ? Not many people !
Even though it was grown over more than 150.000 hectares at the end of World War II, there remains only one hundredth of that surface today.

Several signs testify to its age-old setting up in Languedoc, including the numerous names that the inhabitants have had time to give it as well as the village in the Gard area that bears its name. An additional sign is that, on top of Black Aramon, there exist extremely rare variations in pink and white

It has become poorly thought of, however…
It is difficult today to conceive of yields up to 250 hl per ha. This was the usual yield though for Aramon when it grew in plains. This high potential yield ensured its being popular when mass consumption was the order of the day. To such an extent that it has become synonymous with quantity to the detriment of quality. So when the market turned towards quality wines, its glory faded and the vines of Aramon were massively uprooted.

That trend somehow overlooked the fact that on hillsides and with limited yields, Aramon can produce wines that are indeed interesting.

An original cuvée to rediscover Aramon
At domaine La Croix Chaptal, we have kept safe our hillside plot of Aramon which is now 80 years old. Needless to say that the ardour of youth has had time to calm down ! With a yield of around 50 Hl per ha, we obtain a wine which keeps the light side of the variety, i.e slightly coloured and with low tannins, while asserting a sharp, fruity and voluptuous character. It is ideal to rediscover this variety.

In keeping with current concerns
Further advantage : Aramon corresponds to current expectations. As it is naturally light in alcohol, it is an original partner for meals particularly in summer. Moreover, this age-old variety which has become rare keeps watch over biodiversity. As it is well-adapted to the terroir, it is sturdy and little demanding.

Finally, old vines which have been producing grapes for 80 years save the environment the ecological cost of uprooting and planting again.


Charles-Walter PACAUD

A New Year is an appropriate time to introduce new wines.

Have you ever considered adding Terrasses du Larzac to your portfolio ?

Considered “the greatest place in Languedoc” by award-wining Wine Columnist Andrew Jefford, Terrasses du Larzac are becoming a must.
Terroir wines combining character with elegance, their reputation is fast growing among discerning wine lovers.

And what about Clairette du Languedoc?

One of Languedoc’s masterpieces, Clairette du Languedoc has a long and prestigious history and is now living through a revival.
We offer both the dry and
sweet rancio versions of this exciting Appellation made from a single varietal, the White Clairette.

Please feel free to contact us for further info on Terrasses du Larzac, Clairette du Languedoc and Domaine la Croix Chaptal, or to arrange a suitable opportunity, should you not be visiting Vinisud.

Hoping to see you very soon in Montpellier, best regards.

Charles-Walter Pacaud


Vins du Languedoc: Great Tastes, Fabulous Values

One of the best wine tasting events I’ve been to all year was the one featuring Languedoc AOC wines, where I tasted wines made from grapes that were unfamiliar to me and learned about the fascinating history of this wine region.
Below is a look at just a few of the 31 wines that were poured.  I was impressed with the aroma, taste and food-friendliness of all that I tasted.

Languedoc Grands Crus Wine Tasting
Is Languedoc, South of France on your wine radar? It should be; offering exceptional value, tradition and innovation, these wines are now even easier than ever to appreciate and identify thanks to new segmentation into three categories: AOC Languedoc, Grands Vins du Languedoc and Grands Crus du Languedoc.

28 winegrowers together

 To Welcome You in Hall 9 - VINISUD - Montpellier, February 22nd, 23rd & 24th

Rediscover withinTerrasses du Larzac

The generosity of the Languedoc and the freshness of the Larzac


 « ... To create great terroir driven wines which capture the identity of the Languedoc, to work with integrity to preserve our countryside and to invite you to share our adventure through our wines... »

Great Languedoc Wines : www.terrasses-du-larzac.com

Enjoy the Languedoc - it won't be here forever, from Andrew Jefford : Decanter January 2009 (pg 21)
"...Geologically, the Languedoc hills are a synopsis of everything which makes France so propitious for winegrowing... Surely in any other country, those Languedoc hills would have been a star region; their misfortune was to find themselves sharing a nation with Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire and the Rhône. And too far from Paris.
But where is the best spot in the Languedoc ? My theory is that Terrasses du Larzac is the greatest spot in the Languedoc... Stone and slopes alone don't make for great wine - as much of Provence proves - but when skilled winegrowers grapple intelligently and sensitively with nature here, the results seem to me to have the same aromatic, textural potential as the best of the Rhône..."

The Dusssert-Gerber 2008 wine guide:  confirms our status as “ 1 er grand cru classé”

 A 25- hectare vineyard where you find this côteaux du Languedoc Cuvée Charles Terrases du Larzac 2004( 36% Grenache, 32% Syrah and 32 % Carignan on soils made of rounded stones, gravels and some red clay) the grapes are hand-picked then allowed to ferment and rest in tanks for 30 to 40 days for each variety before ageing for 23 months ( half this time in barrels), the wine is unfiltered...