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A Global Approach to Biodiversity protection

Since his arrival in the Terrasses du Larzac at Domaine La Croix Chaptal in 1999, well before the current craze for environmental issues, Charles-Walter Pacaud engaged in concrete protection of biodiversity.

 A true man of land, this man originating from Cognac discovered the potential of the Terrasses du Larzac during his oenology studies in Montpellier. He fell in love with the place and developed the dream to settle there and produce terroir wines. After several experiences that led him from England to Napa Valley, he decided to come back to Languedoc. He had a very precise idea of what he wanted and spent several years looking for it before fulfilling his dream by taking over domaine la Croix Chaptal.

As a keen observer and pragmatic man, he knows that a living terroir is essential when it comes to producing terroir wines. His domaine being rooted on a patchwork of pebbles dating back to the last ice age, he soon realizes the impact of grassing and proves to be a pioneer in this respect. Positive results can be seen in the soil, but also in the development of useful insects.

 The idea at La Croix Chaptal is to encourage and respect a natural balance by intervening as little as possible, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. A favourable climate generally enables to avoid synthetic molecules that are only used in critical times. The use of copper is not totally harmless for the soil and is also very moderate.

This favourable environment entices migrating birds to regularly stop over at Croix Chaptal on their way. This has led Charles to set up a voluntary natural reserve. This real “Bird Island” now covers both the vineyard and the woodland of the estate.

Diversity offers many aspects and we could for example also talk of natural local yeasts or replanting with local clones. The easiest is to come and meet Charles